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A Psychic & A Healer on a Mission of helping and inspring many while uniting all worldwide

Welcome to The Witch's Garden. We are a Mom & Pop online shop and community organization birthed in 2004.It started with a tiny table at the Coral Castle Psychic Fair in Homestead Fl were we steadily grew while joining them monthly 7 years .After falling in love with the sacred grounds and the energies experienced while in sessions there we visualized and manifested MoonFaire A Magical Event in A Powerful Place for 5 years .Meanwhile we had an annual schedule were we met lots of great people who later joined us on our venture and many who have become family and we continue to support along their creative journey inspiring and motivating however possible.It was awesome doing the Miccosukee Arts Festival,Earth Day with Expand The Love,Pagan Pride with the UU ,Camelot Days,Full Moons at Tobacco Road with Spam Allstars and so many more .Finally with the support of the community and the clients who believed in us on the February full moon in 2010 we opened our first Brick & Mortar location in the heart of Hialeah inside The Celis Art Building unit 432. We spent 5 years hosting weekly events and offering our services to all in need of guidance and support. It was a haven a unique portal created with love and unity . We always were available personally without turning down anyone and we are grateful to have helped many during confusing times and unbelievable situations .Having our shop was fun and running it with the family was a lesson on its own with an abundance of memories that last a lifetime.Finally here we are 14 years later our family grew with a little miracle that is our son and we continue to host our picnics which  bring together an amazing community of all ages ,paths and religions every season at Amelia Earhart Park and has become an amazing ever growing celebration of life. Everyday we are available for Psychic Readings ,Reiki Sessions,House & Business Blessings ,Ritual Kits ,Wicca Classes , Private Workshops ,Custom Creations & more locally and worldwide .Please check out our WorldWideWitchShop and support the mission by sharing with your friends and following the social links below. Together we continue on our mission to unite people of all ages and religious backgrounds encouraging self expression  and exploration as the key to enlightenment .We are modern day witches and embrace who we are creating our products and gatherings with positive energies and a purpose of infusing the world with peace, tolerance and unity .By celebrating life outdoor in public gatherings we grow and learn from one another and create a universal shift towards higher awareness and acceptance one gathering at a time. We are wild creative souls who love living passionately and following our dreams.We share our art and do what we do so we can inspire others.

Blessings from our tribe to yours 

We are Twin Souls,Artists,Musicians,Creatives,Spiritual Teachers,Mentors,Healers,Entrapranours ,Event Producers,Activist,Writers,The Official Family Black Sheep,Loving Parents,True Friends,Unique, Authentic,Inspiring,Nurturing,
Clergy ,Life Coaches,Compassionate ,Humanitarians on a Mission of love , Unity, Acceptance & Oneness Worldwide


Armando Almirall Jr.


The Witch Doctor is a Reiki Master and co creator of The Witch's Garden .He is a singer songwriter  and  frontman to Craft Metal Band Black Sun Prophets who headlined Caldera  the first Pagan Music Festival in the foothills of GA in 2016 . Armando has created a variety of events through  Witch Doctor Productions which was created to unite and showcase  local talent. For over a decade he has taught private classes along with his well known  Chakra Readings ,Healings and Alignments  locally and worldwide .He makes custom ritual tools, chakra candles ,staffs ,altars and more.  Everything is available by appointment and times are flexible as he currently works on writing music, sermons and a book and  continues to take on apprentices who wish to empower themselves through a series of customized workshops and exercises designed to target individual growth and overall spiritual development

Marizel Almirall

Marizel is co creator and Psychic at The Witch's Garden. In 2013 CBS Miami featured her as one of the top 5 Fortunetellers highlighting the shop and Spiritual Services she has offered for over 20 years. Since childhood she has been aware of spirits and felt energies around herself and others. These gifts  guided her to walk between worlds embracing the path of a medium channeling messages and recipes that have helped many along their path  towards balance and self discovery. Marizel is available by appointment and offers psychic readings & therapy as well as custom rituals, ceremonies  and blessings worldwide. She is currently working on a series of books related to her life experiences and lessons as a Witch as well as constantly creating new  brews and potions included in all spiritual services and custom creations.

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